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Save your time from editing and create more quality content. Best Youtube video editing services for YouTubers in their budget with thumbnails. 

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The Rybka Twins
The Rybka Twins
7.66M+ Subscribers
1,230,170,078+ Views
1.1M+ Instagram Followers
Brennen Taylor
Brennen Taylor
3.62M+ Subscribers
636,471,557+ Views
1.1M+ Instagram Followers
Qui & Ken
Qui & Ken
1.31M+ Subscribers
339,756,391+ Views
500K+ Instagram Followers
Christianne Risman
Backpacking Bananas
190K+ Subscribers
21,632,501 + Views
48.2K+ Instagram Followers
The Educated Barfly
Educated Barfly
336K+ Subscribers
39,328,354+ Views
110K+ Instagram Followers

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The Best Video Editing Packages

Standard Plan


Standard Plan

Upto 4 Videos Per Month

2 Free Revisions Per Video

4k Exported Video

Single Channel

2-4 Days Turnaround

Frame.Io Revisions Platform

Project Management Board

Epidemic Sound

Cancel Anytime

7 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Premium Plan


Premium Plan

Upto 6-12 Videos Per Month

Unlimited Revisions

Creative Thumbnails

Dedicated Video Editor

10 Shorts Videos Per Month

1-3 Days Turnaround

Call & Chat Support

Project Management Board

Cancel Anytime

7 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Single Youtube Video


Single Youtube Video

Any Types of Youtube Video

2 Free Revisions Per Video

4k Exported Video

2-4 Days Turnaround

Frame.Io Revisions Platform

Epidemic Sound

Shorts Video


Shorts Video

Any Types of Short Video

2 Free Revisions Per Video

4k Exported Video

24 Hours Turnaround

Frame.Io Revisions Platform

Epidemic Sound

Creative Thumbnails


Creative Thumbnails

5 Thumbnails Per Month

2 Free Revisions

Dedicated Designer

24 Hours Turnaround

Add more at $20/thumbnail

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Project Mangment Board

You can manage your projects with notes, Dates and many more features.

Live Discussion With Team

You can live chat with the editor and team about your project.

Access From Anywhere

You can access this board through your mobile or laptop from anywhere in the world.

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Freequently Ask Questions

Sorry to say but you can’t carry forward any videos or services to the next month. This is monthly subscription based service, you can use per month.

Sure, you can cancel your subscription at any time. There is no contract.
Yes, you will get your money back, but you must notify us within 7 days of your purchase date.

Yes, you will get your money back, but you must notify us within 7 days of your purchase date.
After 7 days, we cannot proceed for refund at all.

Guaranteed, You’ll get as many revisions as you want, hence there will be an additional charge of $10 per revision.

Yes, you can upgrade your subscription In middle by paying the amount. 
You can not downgrade your subscription.

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Prisha Production

Almost every internet user looks to YouTube first when looking for a video, making it one of the most popular sources of videos. Today, YouTube provides a perfect platform for businesses to use online videos to connect with their target audience. Furthermore, it provides a remarkable platform for users who want to publish their videos and utilise YouTube as a means of generating income by operating a specialised YouTube channel. Regardless of the reason for the YouTube video, we all want it to be sharp and properly edited in order to draw people in and keep them interested with interesting, relatable content.

At Prisha Production, we provide the most cost-effective high-quality and professional YouTube video editing services. Our video editors are knowledgeable about the most recent developments in the field and have a great deal of experience working with expensive editing programmes like Adobe After Effects, Blender, Final Cut Pro, etc.

Type of youtube videos we can edit for you:

1. Video Tutorials

2. Ask Me Anything Videos

3. Whiteboard Videos

4. Listicle Videos

5. Product Reviews

6. Educational Videos

7. Challenge Videos

8. Unboxing Videos

9. Behind the Scenes

10. Explainer Videos

11. Product Demo Videos

12. Video Testimonials

13. Reaction Videos

14. Webinar Teasers

15. Community-Based Videos

16. Business Results Videos

17. Company Values Videos

18. Q&A Videos

19. Gaming Videos

20. Vlog Videos

Software's Used at Prisha Production for YouTube Video Editing

There are several uses for video editing software, including producing movies, adding audio commentary, and altering videos in general. The user can edit individual video, picture, and audio clips on a sequence using NLE software. There are numerous ways to edit, cut, and modify these clips.

We can give it the way you want it, whether you require straightforward editing to remove unwanted aspects or you need a full production with voice over, visual effects, graphics, titles, subtitles, and more. We edit video from any source and in any format, then offer it in the needed formats, such as standard or high definition. Our guarantee of delivery before or on time highlights the quality of our expert video editing for YouTube even more.

In order to create edited videos that are specifically targeted to the needs of our clients, we entirely design our video editing services for YouTubers by first understanding their needs and expectations. We preserve full confidentiality of your private and promotional movies.

Adobe Premiere Pro

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after effects
Adobe After Effects

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Adobe Photoshop

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Outsource YouTube Video editing Services to Prisha Production

For YouTubers, Prisha Production provides the highest calibre video editing services. Our skilled video editors are experts at turning common material into captivating YouTube videos with amazing visual and audio enhancements. The altered YouTube videos can be used for both personal and professional purposes. We take the time to fully comprehend your genuine needs before delivering edited videos that precisely meet them. When you outsource video editing work, cost is always a major worry. Because of this, we make sure to deliver world-class creative design at a price that perfectly satisfies your needs.

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