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Prisha Production is professional and easy online video editing service provider agency, that simplifies video editing for all with a Color grade, music, sound effects, raw footage, voice-over, and more!

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Frequently asked questions
What are video editing services?

Video editing is an important process for all videos, video editing can change the look of a video with color correction, music, sound effects, transitions, effects, etc. No film can be published without video editing, in the video production industry, this is called the post-production process.

What are the different types of videos?

Interview videos, Testimonials videos, Short films, Youtube Videos, Wedding highlights & trailers, Family & Vlog Videos, Product promos, Music videos, 2D & 3D explainer videos, And much more!

How much does video editing cost?

Video editing cost, In general, will depend on your projects and editor skills, knowledge, and speed but approx, it can be  $20- $50/hour, $150 - $1000/video.

What qualities should I look for in a video editor?

The video editor should have the proper knowledge about your content with software skills like premiere pro, after effects, photoshop, final cut pro, etc. With own creativity.

What is most important in video editing?

Components that are most significant in video editing incorporate deciding the sort of programming to put resources into. This incorporates thinking about cost, expectation to learn and adapt, and includes. One more significant component of video editing is the nature of the video being edited. The more the quality and consistency, the more the eventual outcome. It is likewise basic to guarantee that the equipment chosen has the ability to assist you with accomplishing your video editing goals. The more remarkable the PC, the quicker and more effective your video editing interaction will be.

How does it work?

Video editing Process

8. Deliver Final Video
1. Download Files
2. create proxy
3. assemble Footages
7. Make Revisions
6. Send Draft
5. Color Correction
4. Music & Sound Effects

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