On Demand Video Editor

Hire a Video Editor Without Paying a Fixed Monthly Salary, Pay As Per Hours Of Work.

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Why Hire a Remote On Demand Video Editor?

Real Time Tracking

You can track the hours and see the screen shorts how he worked and performance.

Communication With Editor

You can communicate with the editor on Zoom or Google Meet at working hours and discuss in details.

Cost Effective

If you hire in-house team, You'll have to pay fixed monthly salary, In our case, You just have to pay when you have projects.

Remote Video Editor

Remote Video Editor

  • Pay As Per Hours Of Work
  • Real Time Tracking Activity
  • No Computer & Other Costs
  • No Employee Benefits Plans
  • No Office Expenses
  • Replace editor anytime
  • Add Extra Editors to Larger Projects
  • 360 Degree Skilled in Editing
  • 2D & 3D Animation Skills
  • Project Management Board
  • Software & Subscriptions
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

In-House Video Editor

In-House Video Editor

  •    Fixed Monthly Salary
  •    No Tracking Activity
  •    Computer & Other Costs
  •    Employee Benefits Plans
  •    All Office Expenses
  •    No Replacement Options
  •    Can't Add Extra Editors
  •    Limited Editing Skills
  •    No Animation Skills
  •    No Management Board
  •    No Software & Subscriptions
  •    No Money Back Guarantee

What Remote On Demand Video Editor Can Do?

Social Media Video Editing

Commercial Video Editing

Youtube Video Editing

Product Video Editing

Create Animated Videos

Wedding Video Editing

Creative Video Editing

Save Time & Effort
With the Prisha Production

Project Mangment Board

You can manage your projects with notes, Dates and many more features.

Live Discussion With Team

You can live chat with the editor and team about your project.

Access From Anywhere

You can access this board through your mobile or laptop from anywhere in the world.

Featured Projects

Our Case Studies

Here are some of the project our editors did and experienced, You will get an idea how we can save your valuable time for video editing.

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